Nick Basta

Nick Basta grew up in Syracuse, New York. All that snow and rain provided him with plenty of time to use his imagination. As a child his favorite pastimes included playing monopoly with his bunny and Donald Duck, sword fighting his neighbors as Merlin, the wizard, and conducting the symphony as a 3 year old. His first theatrical performance came in the 4th grade talent show, playing a cross dressing model singing the Enjoli song. “He could bring home the bacon; fry it up in a pan…” While it may have been somewhat inappropriate, it made even the nuns laugh. His life in acting was secure…

Well almost… In high school Nick discovered ceramics. Theater was hard to come by at Nottingham High, so he poured all of his artistic energy into pottery. That led to a degree from the prestigious ceramics program at Alfred University. But most of his time was spent, not at the wheel, but in the black box theatre.

After college he moved south (always envious of the mild winters) and ended up in New Orleans to pursue his love of music. Discovering that the Big Easy was not quite suited to his style of music, he again turned again to acting. After meeting his future wife Joanna at an audition for the aptly titled play “Once in a Lifetime” it was time to settle on one artistic endeavor.

Acting was it. He gained admission to the MFA program at the renowned American Repertory Theatre at Harvard. By then, the Bastas had added to their burgeoning family and were ready to move to New York with their “children”, Lucy the Cairn terrier, Bella the Boston terrier and Indira the extremely spoiled cat.

They all now make their home in New York where Nick pursues work in Film, Television and Theater.



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